Friday, January 16, 2009

Washington D.C. is getting ready for Inauguration...

Excitement is in the air, along with chilly weather forecast, as our Metropolitan area is getting ready to welcome our new President. Getting ready the Capitol steps began early in the fall. My friend and I walked around it during our lunch time walks; marveling at the workers builiding the podium even before the election. Today, however, as I noticed the porta potties lined up at my Metro station, all the way out in Maryland, I wondered 'How is the move managed?' You know, I am very practical-minded person.

Remembering all the hours spent packing and unpacking for our move to the current home thirteen years ago and swearing never to move again, I wondered how they do it. I mean the Bushes are there until the last day, participating in the Inauguration ceremony, aren't they? After a brief search, I found an article from titled "January 20 Is Moving Day at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue" It says that "from the time President Bush, President-elect Obama and their families leave for Capitol Hill until the time the Obamas come in from the inaugural parade reviewing stand," in those six hours, they pack and ship Bushes' things and unload and unpack Obamas' things! If only moves for us commoners are done like that...sigh. ^.^

For those of you who are coming over for the festivities, welcome!

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