Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Lunar New Year!

I almost forgot about Lunar New Year until last night. I was watching Korean news via internet as the news stations showed congested traffic all over the country as people visit families and relatives in the snow. And it brought back memories of visiting grandmas when I was a little girl. Luckily for us, it wasn't a long journey and both grandmas lived pretty close by. However, it meant a train ride for us. I can't remember why but the Seoul station would only open the gates to the platform after the train arrives. Perhaps, it was for safety reasons... In any event, the gathered crowd would merge to the gates in a mob fashion. As I remember it, nobody got hurt but I think it was stressful for everyone; no one wanted to miss the train! Men, who are traveling alone, would help other families by lifting the toddlers over head, myself often included, and break the wave of people. In some ways, it must have been nerve wrecking seeing your child lifted by a stranger and carried along. I remember looking down at my mom and making sure not letting her out of my sight as they did the same. Times were different... considering how overtly cautious my mom was and still is. Other moms back then wouldn't have given a second thought, fully knowing that it was safe.

The day means feast on dduk-gook [rice cake soup] and bulgogi!

Happy New Year!

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