Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl!

I actually watched Super Bowl last night. Okay, okay, I initially watched for the ads [huge disappointment] and then for the half time show [so so]. However, the fourth quarter got so exciting to watch! Even though my girls were so skeptical about my wanting to watch Super Bowl...

A few days before Super Bowl:
Me: Hey, Gem, are we watching Super Bowl this year too?
Gem: Super Bowl? I guess. What do you mean this year too?
Me: Gosh, don't you remember last year we were up till 1:00AM or so to finish watching the game?
Gem: Um, umma [mommy in Korean], that was baseball. World Series, remember?
Me: Oh, it was?

Tune to conversation with Mad at the Giant [local food market] on the day of the Super Bowl:
Mad: I don't understand your sudden interest in Super Bowl umma.
Me: Well, I think we watched it last year. [My family was never football watcher.]
Mad: Are you sure? Oh, maybe you like the ads. I liked the ads I get to see afterwards on YouTube.
Me: Yes, that's it. I LOVE THE ADS!
Mad: Why are you getting so many [two] bags of
Tostitos and bottles [two] of salsa?
Me: I think you are supposed to eat these when you watch football.
Mad: [Rolling her pretty eyes] Well then. I think we need Mountain Dew to go with them. [A big grin - knowing she could get away with it!].
Me: Oh, okay, sure.
Mad: BTW, do you know the rules? [She doesn't know them].
Me: Yeah, of course... You just have to run the opposite way to take over the other team's territory. Um, isn't that right?
Mad: ?!?!?!?! [I think she was chortling...].

In any event, it was truly exciting last 10 minutes of the game even for a novice like me!

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