Saturday, February 21, 2009

A humdrum day...

As days seem to blend in together, as we wake up and do the same old things, we wonder and lament about repetitions in life. However, at times we take a moment to shake it off and think, "Hey, wait, there was something..." Usually at the end of the day, when we sigh and think ah, there goes half of our humdrum weekend... But when we take a moment to reflect this is what we forgot about the day:
  • Bright neon index cards:: made Gem's Health Class flashcards quite awesome!
  • A set of colorful Uni-Ball pen set:: got Gem to write flourishing words in Korean+English!
  • Left eye glasses in the car after forgetting to exchange them with sunglasses:: checking out blurred faces during Mass was quite interesting. Couldn't see frowning or dozing faces and had fun trying to figure out "who's that?"
  • Picked up Mad from her best friend's house after their work on a project:: Mad did a hilarious impersonation of Favee cradling a lacrosse stick when we got home. She loves her best friend; we could tell.
  • Chocolate cupcake made by Gem:: with a cold glass of milk made my tummy happy!
  • A bowl of goldfish crackers:: had a whole bowl all to myself after girls went to bed and not thought about calories or expanding waistline.

Well, what do you know? I couldn't possibly call today a humdrum kind of a day, after all, could I?

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Jacqueline said...

Eunhwa, sometimes that happen to me too. This year im paying more attentiont to appreciating and noticing the little things in my every day life. It is really amazing and im loving it.

Hope your having a wonderful merry happy weekend! Love to you!