Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"the simple things"

I am participating in "the simple things" event on Christina's blog, found through Pink Purl. Even though it's the beginning of the year, January can be a month of a burden for some. All those resolutions, mostly forgotten by the first of February, at least for me, we strive to list in the hopes of improving our attitudes, the ever imposing need to look fabulously fit...
and of course thankfully there are "the simple things" in life throughout the year.
  • a hello from a long forgotten friend
  • laughter coming from my girls after a sibling dispute
  • listening to the splatter of rain hitting the roof in the cozy darkness
  • a sniff of air in the bookstore and a stack of newly acquired books
  • knowing that you could still buy a manual pencil sharpener
  • a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolate
  • a cup of coffee any time of the day
  • reading late into the night while everyone is sleeping
  • being startled by a chance glimpse of the sparkly star filled night sky
  • music from your decade on your daughters' iPod; Oh, yes, we were cool!
  • a good movie i.e. 500 Days of Summer, Amelie, Becoming Jane...
  • and many, many more to share in the next round
Thanks, Christina for the opportunity to share simple and yet cherished moments!


Cyndy said...

Good morning! I am coming to you in the wake of Christina's love and have enjoyed your list so very much. The smell of a bookstore ~ does it get any better than that?

Tracy said...

Such fun to see you joined in too! Your list is full of sweetness and delights...*swoon*... I'm with you on the movie list...must have Ferrero Rocher to eat while watching too.. ;o) Happy Weekend!

Oliag said...

I think I have to agree with every single item on your list!...I do have to add that it is also fun for my daughters to discover music from their decade on MY ipod...and the smell of a bookstore...they should make that a candle scent don't you think?

Thank you for visiting Picturing the Year and your kind comment...Isn't it fun to find new blogs through places like Christina's...I just wish I had more time for following all the threads of the web