Monday, December 22, 2008

Blustery Monday

Today must have been the coldest day so far this winter! It was also very windy, adding extra chill in the air. People literally stood still to steady themselves from the gusty wind this afternoon. With the Christmas just three days away, the Metro trains were filled with people and their loads of shopping bags. There was hardly enough room to relax your shoulders as you pull yourself in to make more room for others.

Before I get myself lost in the festivities, I thought I post some photos of our Christmas decorations. I managed to get photos of garlands but for some reason, the photos of the trees [we have three; one for me and one each for the girls] didn’t download but the close ups did. Hm. Perhaps tomorrow. As you can see, past decade or so has been my “opulent extravagance” [for lack of a better phrase] period when it came to my Christmas tree. Deep burgundies with elaborate ornaments. However, my taste has evolved to simpler lines and designs. I was seriously contemplating not putting up my tree this year at all until my Mad and Gem practically jumped on me in protest. Perhaps one more year of “opulent extravagance,” until I sort out my changing taste… So here we go and if things go accordingly tomorrow night, the photos of actual trees will surface.

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